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Opening in May of 2019!

When we were talking about what we wanted to create, the concept of an open pallete was the central theme.  A place, in historic San Jose’s downtown city center where people would be able to create their own unique event, a blank pallete.  To do that we knew we needed to start with our 150-year-old brick walls which provides a comfortable, warm feel.

The history of the building’s many prior uses and alterations jumped to life when we refreshed the white paint and the old doorways, windows and cornices that were once scared imperfections, now became the main attractions adding character and grace.

White was really the fundamental element that transformed this space for all our needs. But how do you capture that in the name?  Blank canvas, white pallete, clean crisp look, respect to history, timeless beauty…we named it BLANCO, an urban venue.

Blanco will be one of the premiere event centers in the Bay Area and will be highly regarded as a stylish urban venue with state of the art technology and flexible, engaging and inspiring architectural features and spaces.

The combination of indoor and outdoor spaces work together for larger events yet allow for smaller gatherings that feel cozy and connected.  Blanco is a perfect venue for event planners looking to test the boundaries of experiential design while constantly exceeding the expectations of the day-to-day events, their owners and the guests.

We purposely chose olive trees for our rooftop garden as they symbolize eternity, an inspiration for weddings and also meetings as people strive to be eternal learners.

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